Our Approach

Our individually tailored and personalised curriculum is designed to support our students in becoming resilient in their learning, and in being creative, critical thinkers who are prepared for life in modern Britain.

Independence is the key characteristic we aim to build in each young person, to achieve this, we develop empathy in our young people, and to increase self-esteem through achievement, recognising success and focussing on positivity. Our aim is to generate both self-awareness and a willingness to take responsibility for actions, learning, safety, lives and the future.

We measure each young person’s personal growth based upon their starting point and best possible outcomes. We develop courses that offer hands-on experience with farm animals, practical activities in building, landscaping, maintenance and development projects. We offer participation in local and national competitions, such as in art or sport, to encourage growth, pride, personal achievement and independence.

Challenge, when carefully presented, can be hugely beneficial to our young people. We aim to challenge all of our students to build resilience, understand themselves, promote their ambitions, try new experiences and understand that ‘getting it wrong’ is part of success.

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